VSOS Migration


All user VMs are back up. Contact us at vsos at sos.ethz.ch if you have any questions.

Rough schedule:

  • 21.09. 18:00 Stop all running VMs, migrate essentials
  • 22.09. 10:00 Begin IP-change
  • 22.09. 11:00 Shutdown cluster
  • 22.09. 11:30 Move machines and swap hardware
  • 22.09. 13:00 Lunch
  • 22.09. 14:30 Restart cluster and check network
  • 22.09. 16:00 Upgrade cluster
  • 22.09. 18:00 Test new cluster
  • 22.09. 20:00 Start vms


23.09. 19:00

All user VMs are reachable again as far as we can see.


23.09. 16:30

Recovery is almost done and testing so far has not found any significant issue. We expect the user VMs to be back up by 18:00.~mf

22.09. 20:00

The hypervisor and storage software has been successfully upgraded. Currently the storage cluster is rebalancing. We will delay the VM start until Sunday due to increased load on the storage nodes. Testing is so far completed and we have a healthy cluster.~pks

22.09. 16:30

All nodes work using the new 40G interconnect. We trialed SR-IOV which unfortunately didn't work and will now upgrade the cluster. ~mf

22.09. 14:30

All machines reachable again, we're going for lunch. ~mf

22.09. 13:20

Server moved to the new rack next to the core switches. Recableing is ongoing. ~pks

22.09. 11:35

IP change completed. We will start to shutdown the physical node and move our workplace to the datacenter. ~pks

21.09. 10:40

All user vms are down, we're now starting the actual migration. ~mf

21.09. 11:00

I finally got around to bringing this page online. We'll try to use it to keep you updated during the migration. ~mf